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Six - 18- F - Canada

Name: Ohrsin Vourth

Age: 6.92 Alternian Solar sweeps

Title/God Tier: Theif of Heart

Dream Planet: Prospit

TrollTag: dancingMatilda

Typing Quirk: T=7, D=J

Sign: Uranus

Strife Specibi: Bootkind. He fights with his feet (Kinda like Regal from TOS).

Powers: The same powers as Aradia, minus her ability to commune with the dead.

Fetch Modus: Pouch. 


Lusus: His lusus is a Kangaroo. More affectionately known as “Momma Kanga”

Teeth/Tongue Shape: He has a rather large underbite, as his bottom teeth are too large to be kept comfortably inside his mouth. He snags them on his clothes and food. Tongue is normal.

Horn shape: Resemble hooks, as he also snags them as well.

Hive: He does have a normal hive, yes, but he much prefers to hike, mountain climb, and live off the land. Thus, he is usually in a tent off in the middle of nowhere.

Personality: Ohrsin is pretty self conscious about his blood colour, and his teeth. He much rather prefers to be as far away from civilization as possible.

Other: He has a bit of an Australian accent, though it’s muffled by his underbite.

Matesprit: Possibly Chiron, but she scares him a bit.
Moirail: N/A
Auspistice: N/A
Kismesis: N/A

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